Need longer distance, more endurance or better return on your time with your golf pro?

Golf instruction on the PGA and LPGA Tour has changed from a swing coach-only model, to a multi-provider, team-based approach involving a swing coach, fitness expert, and medical professional. Based on the success of this model, Sean Riley, DC and Ryan Smith, PT developed the SwingFit concept for the Tulsa, OK market with the goal of delivering the latest advances in golf fitness and performance training in combination with evidence-based orthopedic medical care.

Driven by the question “How do we increase the transfer of energy from your golf club to the golf ball?”, Sean and Ryan studied and trained with Greg Rose and Dave Phillips, founders of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), to understand the latest research and techniques in golf-specific health and fitness used by the top PGA Tour players in the world.

SwingFit gives you access to TPI’s proprietary testing and training system which will identify any limitations and improve the four key areas most important for you to hit the golf ball repeatedly with ease: Flexibility, Mobility, Stability, and Strength.

Call us today at (918) 743-3737 to schedule your assessment and get started on a better performing body and a better game. Still not sure? Read more…

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