Get tested, see results, watch your golf scores drop.

That’s what training with the SwingFit team delivers  – our clients enjoy handicap improvements of 30%, 40%, 50% or more.

Ultimately, that means our ability to produce results for you rests on our ability to accurately identify the changes in your physical ability that matter from the nearly infinite list of possible changes you could test and make – leaving you with a short, do-able list of changes to focus on.

So how do we identify those high impact changes? Through testing, communication with your PGA teaching pro, and human expertise.


Designed to unlock your physical potential, SwingFit’s proprietary process will:

  • Test your strength, flexibility, balance, power and posture
  • Measure your ability to generate and transfer speed to the club
  • Determine your body’s most efficient energy transfer pattern
  • Isolate any physical limitations limiting your power potential.

Based on your individual assessment, we will correlate our findings to your swing technique and prescribe a custom golf conditioning program just for you.


To successfully evolve your golf swing to best match your body’s ability, you need a well-coordinated team that provides you the most important information . SwingFit works with side by side with teaching pros throughout the greater Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma area insuring all phases of your golf instruction are covered. You can be assured we we will clearly communicate our findings to your swing coach with a phone call and a detailed report with your physical findings to insure they are up to speed on our focus with you.


Ryan Smith, PT and Sean Riley, DC are Oklahoma’s only Level 3 TPI Certified Medical Professionals and are honored to be part of the Wellness team for the 2017 United States Open held at Erin Hills in Hartford, WI, the only providers from the state of Oklahoma invited to participate.  They have enjoyed being part of the US Open Wellness Team since 2011. Both single digit handicap players, they understand your mentality and love of the game. With over 20 years of combined medical experience in both chiropractic and physical therapy, you can feel confident you will be working with a team that has helped hundreds of clients achieve phenomenal success.

Contact us at (918) 743-3737 to schedule your golf specific physical assessment today.

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