Do your students lack the ability to turn, complain of joint pain, or have difficulty getting into proper golf postures?

We understand that your clients expect to lower their scores. You listen to their story, understand their trouble areas, examine and diagnose their golf swing, and begin the teaching process. For many of your clients, everything goes as planned. However, some clients just can’t seem to get in the right position no matter how hard you try. Perhaps they slide, demonstrate early extension, or reverse their spine curve and despite your teaching, drills, and video they continue the same swing faults. Let us help you.

What the teaching pros and fitness professionals at the Titleist Performance Institute have learned is that many of the problems golfers have are due to a body that is too stiff, too weak, and too unstable. Based on these discoveries, our goal at SwingFit is to form a team relationship with you to help your golfers overcome their physical limitations so they can swing the club like only you know they can. The best analogy we can use for our relationship with you is one taken from car racing: you are the driver, we are the pit crew, and the player is the car. You drive the show and determine what you want to see improved in your student. We will execute.

You can rest assured that any findings we discover will be communicated back to you by phone or in-person meeting with a written report and plan. We encourage you to contact us or give us a call at 918-743-3737 to discuss how SwingFit can help you and your players.

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