The U.S. Open trusts us to be on their team. Let us be part of your team.

Sean Riley, DC and Ryan Smith, PT - Golf Fitness Pros

Dr. Sean Riley, DC and Dr. Ryan Smith, PT – Golf Medical Pros and Founders of SwingFit

SwingFit was founded by Ryan Smith, PT and Sean Riley, DC  to provide golfers of all levels access to the latest golf fitness and performance training used by both PGA and LPGA pros. As the only Level 3 TPI Certified Medical Professionals in the State of Oklahoma, Ryan and Sean focus on identifying the least amount of physical changes required in your body to produce the biggest results in your golf swing. The result is better practice with your swing coach and more enjoyment when playing a round with your friends.

Ryan and Sean are honored to be part of the Wellness team for the 2017 United States Open held at Erin Hills in Hartford, WI, the only providers from the state of Oklahoma invited to participate. They have enjoyed being part of the US Open Wellness Team since 2011. They have a unique medical relationship with backgrounds in both chiropractic and physical therapy, allowing them the ability to assess each you from a biomechanical, functional, and fitness perspective during your assessment and training. They believe you must possess four main abilities to strike the ball repeatedly and with ease: Flexibility, Stability, Mobility, and Strength.

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